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The art: Matt Johnson, Breadface, 2004. The work is made of cast plastic and oil paint.

The news: This week NPR’s Fresh Air is featuring a week of programs on food. Food is one of Western art’s classic subjects, so MAN will feature a special food post each day. Today: Slices of bread. Think of them as post-war American art’s take on the classic, food-packed Dutch or French still-life. For more on the subject — and some of the artworks featured here today, see this post on Modern Art Notes and a smart response from Kriston Capps.

The source: Hammer Museum, which featured Breadface in the 2005 exhibition “Thing: New Sculptures from Los Angeles.” The show was curated by James Elaine, Aimee Chang and Christopher Miles.

Note: An apparent, er, cousin of Breadface appeared in a Nissan commercial the year after the work was on view at the Hammer…

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